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HR Tech Copy: 2020 Project Roundup

This year’s been bloody weird but from a biz perspective we’ve been busier than ever (and grateful to be, given everything that’s gone on).

So without further ado... here are some of the cool copywriting, content marketing and strategy projects we’ve worked on this year.

A 20-page whitepaper and 25-blog content series for a Fortune500 tech company

Delivering big ideas, fast, has been key to this enterprise’s explosive growth, but sometimes their fabulous in-house marketing team need external support to ensure their content keeps pace.

That’s what happened this year, with COVID upping the speed and scale stakes.

HR Tech Copy worked closely with their internal team and a handful of external agencies to bring a dynamic content experience to life, to support the business’ post-COVID pivot. Given tight legal parameters and boa-like deadlines, you wouldn’t have predicted this was actually one of the most fun projects of 2020.

Content audit and key assets refresh for an HR analytics consultancy

This boutique consultancy had heaps of cool proprietary research, cutting-edge industry insights and a tailor-made audience of HR analytics leaders… but their content wasn’t anywhere near doing them justice.

They were pouring money into marketing but their funnel was patchy and their bounce rates way too high. As analytics specialists with on-tap research and years of implementation experience, they added tonnes of value for their clients. But their marketing rarely made that value clear.

We ran a content audit to evaluate where their current ecosystem was falling short and identified some quick wins to start driving leads.

Then we refreshed several of their main content assets based on those findings, to increase engagement and reduce bounce. And finally, we identified key future assets to solidify their acquisition funnel. Phew.

An EVP and careers site copy for a global tech company

This tech company walks the walk but weren’t talking the talk. Their people love working with them, and they consistently see employee engagement scores in the high nineties.

But life’s hectic in a high-growth company and they’d never had a chance to sit down and codify that stuff into a coherent employee value proposition. Redeveloping their current careers site was the motivator they needed, to make sure the investment paid off.

That’s where we came in.

We worked with stakeholders across the biz to understand what they really stood for, evaluated results from engagement surveys and surfaced trends from employees. Then we crafted an EVP, to give everyone on the HR and talent acquisition team a single source of truth that resonated, internally and externally.

The careers site practically wrote itself, after that.

Sales brochures for a US-based mid-market HCM provider

This US-based mid-market HCM provider was emerging from several years rebuilding and refining their product, and now needed sales and marketing collateral to support them. Collateral that trod the line between ‘new’ and ‘heritage’ without alienating existing customers.

We worked on four sales brochures covering their main product modules, working in an agile team with global product owners to get everyone onto the same page. We also created a 1500-word download on the platform's post-COVID use cases, to help existing customers adapt their HR fast.

Weekly blog content for a global onboarding platform

These folks are a fast-growth company and a household name in the HR tech world, so their content ecosystem is a pretty damn exciting place to be. They have heaps of big ideas and some fantastic, inspiring, passionate people in-house bringing them to life – but need some support with production.

So that’s what we’ve been doing, every week since this time last year.

They create big, bold content assets in-house, then HR Tech Copy build a blog ecosystem around them. This year’s seen us working on case studies too, plus webinar takeaways and thought-leadership content for guest slots. It's been a year.

A rebrand across a decade’s worth of content

Another tech company, this time with a decade’s worth of content that needed reskinning and refreshing to meet their new global brand and messaging guidelines. This saw us collaborating with another agency, working with several other writers and designers to get new content ready for go-live on the new global brand.

A fun slog.

A messaging workshop and guide for a leading recruitment software provider

These folks are bloody awesome long-term clients, so over the years we’ve worked on a laundry list of awesome content, from blogs and newsletters to buyer’s guides and product guides; eBooks and whitepapers to emails and sales letters.

But that vibrant whirlwind of content needs corralling and codifying, to make sure their message isn’t lost or diluted as they (and their content ecosystem) grow.

Last year saw us developing a tone-of-voice guide, running an on-site workshop and developing a living, breathing guidelines doc to tether creative assets. This year’s seen us doing the same (but remote, obvs) from a messaging perspective, developing a memorable, consistent and organised value proposition to support their continued growth.

2020’s been the year from hell from a personal perspective – but from a biz perspective it’s been a hell of a year. With all the insanity that’s playing out, we’re especially grateful to work with such terrific people taking pride in putting out terrific content.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported HR Tech Copy this year, and here’s to many more projects to come!

(Want to make next year's list? Get in touch.)


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