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From one-off emails to new business launches and most things in between. We’ve worked on big and small projects for big and small HR and recruitment tech clients from big and small places all over the world.

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Client: Tazio

Details: Tazio hired HR Tech Copy to support the launch of a new people analytics business stream to complement their video interviewing platform.

Challenges: Building brand awareness and establishing credibility in a market dominated by more established people analytics players. Overcoming scepticism and uncertainty about HR technology; overcoming misconceptions about people analytics.


How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Recruitment


How to Overcome the People Analytics Skills Gap


Client: LearnSignal


Details: HR Tech Copy lead content marketing for LearnSignal, creating strategic content including eBooks, articles, whitepapers and podcasts to support B2B and B2C business growth.


Challenges: Creating a complex, high-volume schedule of content consistently, including blog content, videos, podcasts, infographics and promotion, without loss of quality. Creating and maintaining a strategic approach to content. Managing multiple internal stakeholders to channel in-house expertise into external content without disruption.


E-Learning 2.0: The New Face of Corporate Training 


The Secret to a More Successful L&D Function in Professional Firms


Client: Talmundo

Details: Talmundo hired HR Tech Copy to increase readership and engagement through content marketing. To build authority amongst a generally tech-sceptic and time-poor target market, we elevated insightful, thought-provoking content with a distinctive tone of voice.

Challenges: Gaining traction and overcoming scepticism. Keeping readers in the Talmundo universe for longer, reading more interlinked posts, to help combat naturally long sales funnel. Increasing conversions through to demo, to feed higher-quality leads through to sales. 


 Agile HR: What Kind of Beast Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

An Unexpected Initiative That Delivers Proven Productivity Gains and Ignites ROI


Client: 360GSP Training & Recruitment

Details: 360GSP hired HR Tech Copy to support a company-wide rebrand. We consulted on marketing and content strategy, sat on the website rebuild project team and created a number of content assets including a portfolio of story-led sales emails.

Challenges: Re-engaging leads at crucial funnel drop-off points; increasing quality of high-volume leads; overcoming difficult brand reputation in some quarters; bringing internal stakeholders onto the same page.

AWS Training sales page


Customer re-engagement email

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