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HR Tech Website Copywriting

Quick Wins Evaluation


A great middle ground if you don’t have the time or budget to re-write your whole website.

We’ll review your most important touchpoints (typically those with a disproportionate impact on conversion)

and suggest small but high-impact copywriting changes.


You’ll get some ideas for quick-win changes, plus a report that helps you identify where to prioritise investment in the future.



  • Questionnaire and 30-minute call to identify your hotspots and challenges

  • Written report recommending solutions and quick-win changes

  • 30-minute follow-up call to discuss report and answer questions

  • Email summary of key action points, so you can easily share

  • 14-day free email follow-up for any questions that crop up

Bespoke HR tech

website copywriting

Most projects fit here. Your investment depends on how much support you want.


We love to be involved from the moment your team’s discussing the project. We’re not just copywriters – we’re information organisers, so we can wireframe, map the user journey and outline your sitemap.


We can sit on the project team with you, brainstorm creative ideas and work with your designers, developers and SEO-bods from day dot.


But we don’t have to. As much as you definitely shouldn’t hire website copywriters as an afterthought, we can get you out of a tight spot if you’re already in one.


Get in touch and tell us about your project, and we’ll ballpark on investment before creating a bespoke proposal for you. 

Five-page website

copywriting package


For when you don’t need something big and fancy. Maybe you’re launching something new. Maybe you only need copywriting support on a small section of your bigger site. Whatever. You just want a nice, easy, predictable investment that’ll deliver exactly what it says on the tin.


Typical turnaround is two to three weeks.



  • Questionnaire and 30-minute call to pin down the brief 

  • Five pages of copy (typically homepage, about, two services and contact)

  • Three rounds of copy (v1, v2, Final)

  • 30-minute feedback call after each round of copy

  • 14-day free email follow-up for any questions that crop up

Maybe your website’s a few years old and your positioning’s changed. Or maybe your website hasn’t quite caught up after your recent rebrand. Perhaps your analytics aren’t where you want.


And the pressure’s on. HR tech’s hardly getting less competitive. Your website has a mammoth job to differentiate your brand and compel leads.


But great HR tech copywriters are hard to find. To do your website justice, you need writers who get HR and tech. You need writers who understand your product portfolio without handholding, and your customers inside-out.


That’s where HR Tech Copy come in.


We’ve worked on website copywriting projects for recruitment software providers, recruitment apps, HCM platforms, job boards, job aggregators, workforce planning providers, business comms platforms and video interviewers – we know what we’re doing.


Your investment depends on how much help you need. Keep reading.

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