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HR Tech Branding and Strategy

The HR tech world’s awash with samey-same brands doing samey-same things. Making waves is harder than ever.


But branding and strategy takes time, when business-as-usual is taking all yours.

And often you’re just too close. You’re zoomed-into the bark; you need people who can see bark, trees, wood and all the other woods nearby too.  


That’s where HR Tech Copy come in.

We’ve got a big headstart because we’re specialists in the HR and recruitment technology space. We know the industry; we know the products; we know the customers.


Then, of course, we know our craft. Great copywriters aren’t just great writers. We’re great thinkers, first and foremost. Answerers of profound questions like:


  • Who are you?

  • What do you stand for?

  • Where are you going?

  • How will you get there?

  • How are you different from our competitors?

  • What do you really sell?

  • Why do your prospects care about you?

  • What problems do you solve?


Maybe you grew way faster than anyone imagined and never got a chance to put your heads together over this branding and strategy stuff. Or perhaps you’re launching a new product or relaunching your brand (or even launching a new brand altogether) and you’re ready to address the fundamentals.  


That’s our ballpark. We work on branding and strategy projects like:


  • Brand development

  • Positioning

  • Brand stories

  • Tone of Voice

  • Naming and taglines


Drop us a line. We’ll learn where we could help then ballpark for you on costs before creating a fixed proposal.

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