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Creative Content Audit


Convinced your HR tech content ecosystem could be working harder, but not sure where or how? Book a Creative Content Audit and you’ll get an actionable report covering your key content marketing opportunity gaps – so you know whether you’re talking to the right people, about the right things, in the right way, to drive business growth.



  • Pre-audit questionnaire to raise any specific issues

  • 30-minute call with call recording to refer back to

  • Actionable written report addressing your content marketing opportunity gaps

  • 30-minute follow-up call to discuss report and answer questions

  • Email summary of key action points, so you can easily share

  • 14-day email follow-up for any questions that crop up

All prices listed will have VAT added if you usually pay VAT.  

Content Creation


  • KickStart briefing template

  • Two topic or angle suggestions

  • 30-minute briefing call

  • 30-minute feedback call (or 60-minute for eBook)

  • Three rounds of revisions

  • Final piece proofread for accuracy

Press release (~500 words)


Thought leadership article (~750 – 1250 words) 


Interview-based article


Standard eBook (<3500 words; copy only)**


* If you don’t have a content strategy, let’s talk about building one first. Unless you know your who, what, why and how, your content risks becoming content for content’s sake. And that’s a waste of time and money. There’s no obligation to then work with HR Tech Copy to create that content – but if you do, you’ll get 10% off your first month’s investment.

** Standard means it doesn't involve interviews, surveys or sifting through heaps of unanalysed internal data. Get in touch if you've got something more complex in mind and we'll give you a fixed bespoke quote. 

All prices listed will have VAT added if you usually pay VAT.  

Need support sticking to your delivery schedule and fulfilling your strategy*? Outsource your briefs (or ideas, bullet points and brain-splurge) to us, with complete confidence you’ll get back content better than you could’ve written yourself. Content that smashes it out of the park.


Or, perhaps you need a reliable external partner to craft awesome content on a retained basis? We’ll start with a trial so neither side’s tied into a relationship that’s not quite right. Then we’ll agree regular delivery dates that suit your scheduling. 


Working together consistently means we’ll get to know exactly your voice, brand, strategy, aspirations and challenges – and can make value-add suggestions, as well as write fabulous, blow-competitors-out-of-the-water content.

Content Marketing Packages

Want the benefits of content marketing but prefer to be completely hands-off? These three content marketing packages mean you don’t have to worry about any moving parts. They’re everything you need to wring maximum value from your content.

Brand Builder


  • Two goal-led SEO and market-informed topic suggestions

  • Two blog articles (~750 words)

  • Two emails to promote article

  • Six organic social posts to promote article

  • Quarterly content strategy call

Lead Generator


  • Four goal-led, SEO and market-informed topic suggestions

  • Four standard blog articles

  • One standard eBook (2500 – 3000 words; copy only)

  • One landing page to host eBook

  • Post-download thank-you page

  • eBook delivery email

  • Four email nurture sequence to promote eBook to your list

  • Six organic social posts to promote eBook

  • One-page eBook summary for sales enablement

  • Quarterly content strategy call

Lead Generator PLUS


Lead Generator Package PLUS:

  • One post-eBook nurturing 'bonus' resource (like a toolkit)

  • Two extra repurposed resources from eBook to promote

All prices listed will have VAT added if you usually pay VAT.  

Making a splash in the HR tech space is harder than ever. If your content isn’t engaging, interesting, unique and true-to-voice, your investment’s wasted.


And your in-house content creators are spread too thin. Good ideas get left on the table because you don’t have bandwidth to execute properly.


But great HR tech writers are hard to find. HR and tech is a difficult combo – some writers are too fluffy; some too hardcore techie.


That’s where HR Tech Copy come in.


We’ve spent years writing content for HR and recruitment tech businesses across the hire-to-retire gamut. We understand what customers like yours care about, and how they buy – and that’s the magic ingredient for content marketing that pays.


We’ve packaged our most popular content marketing offerings into clear, fixed-fee products. So you know exactly what you’re getting, can build our services easily into your budget, and sit back with confidence knowing your content marketing’s taken care of.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If it falls under the HR tech content marketing umbrella, there’s a good chance we’ve got your back. Drop us a note outlining what you need and we’ll ballpark on cost for you. Then we’ll give you a fixed quote once we’ve taken a full brief, and you can decide whether you’d like to work together.

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