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HR Tech Copy T&CS


Terms and conditions. In plain English, not legalese. If you work with HR Tech Copy, this is what you’ve agreed to, unless we’ve agreed differently in writing. 




HR Tech Copy operate as an independent contractor. That means we’re not your employee, worker, agent, partner, wife, aunt or cousin. We won’t pretend to be, you won’t treat us like we are.  




Each piece of work includes two reasonable revisions within the agreed price, which means you’ll get up to three drafts. An unreasonable revision might include significant structural changes outside the original brief. If that happens, you can either scale back into reasonable territory or we can renegotiate the project fee. 




You’ll help us to help you by giving comprehensive feedback. 


You have 14-days after receiving the work to review and provide feedback, unless otherwise agreed. We’ll talk timelines before agreeing a price so that’s your moment to discuss potential delays. 


After 14-days we consider the work complete. If you’d like revisions after those 14-days we might renegotiate any extra fee and we’ll likely need to push delivery timelines back as delays impact our scheduling. 




We need to take a comprehensive brief before we quote for your project. If you don’t have one, we’ll help you build one. You can’t skip or skimp on this step. We can ballpark after a brief conversation if you want a rough sense of cost, but this will most likely change after we take a complete brief. 


If the brief changes once the project has started, the project quote will change. If work you needed is no longer needed, we’ll charge for everything we’ve done so far. 


We’ll agree timelines as part of the brief.





As a copywriting agency we often work with other communications specialists under the HR Tech Copy banner, bringing varied expertise to your project so you get the best results. The agency owner – Ettie Holland – will be your main point of contact and will always oversee and sign-off on every aspect of the work. 





Once you’ve paid for the work, that’s yours to use forever in the medium specified in the original brief. If you repurpose the work for another medium (like taking website copy and publishing as an article) without asking us first then we might charge you extra. We’d also strongly advise you don’t do that – words that work for one medium tend not to translate best onto another. Hire us again instead and we’ll create something original that works better. 


HR Tech Copy will collect and collate results and might show-off the work on our website, unless otherwise agreed. We might create a case study around your project and results. We won’t reuse, resell, remarket or misrepresent any work. 




In the course of working together, we’ll hopefully find out lots of exciting insider stuff that helps us create brilliant work. We’ll keep everything we discover about your business, vendors, products, people, strategies, clients, tea preferences or anything else totally confidential. We expect the same of you. 




We charge project fees based on your unique brief. This is fixed (provided you don’t change the brief) so you’ll never get an invoice you’re not expecting. 


We charge a 50% deposit of the total project fee before starting work and send your final invoice when the work is complete. For projects exceeding £10,000 we’ll agree staggered payment timelines around project milestones, with no less than 10% deposit paid upfront. Delayed payment will cause delayed delivery. 


We’ll send invoices by email unless otherwise agreed. Invoices are due within 14-days unless otherwise agreed. 


We prefer bank transfer for domestic transfers and TransferWise for international transfer. International clients need to cover any additional currency conversion or transfer charges. 


Late payment 


This isn’t going to be an issue, right? Because we don’t want to go the Better Pay Practice 8% late interest route, the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act route, or the debt recovery route. But we totally would. 


Extenuating circumstances 


We’re not unreasonable and we wouldn’t be working with you if you were. If something beyond reasonable control disrupts our work together, neither side is liable. 




We will use all reasonable care and attention to ensure all facts, statements, quotes and figures used are correct, and we’ll ensure to the very best of our ability that work doesn’t infringe any rights of any third party (like publicity rights, privacy rights or copyright). 


If any complaints, claims, litigation or other actions do arise as a result of working together, we’ll work our socks off to help you fix it, but we’re not liable for any losses or damages and you agree to indemnify us against any claim.

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