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The HR Tech Communications Consultancy

Fuel business growth by getting your message across more effectively in writing.

So the people you want to listen, listen. And click. And call. And reach for their wallets, too.

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Harendra Kapur, Head of Writing, Velocity Partners

Ettie gets B2B like few do – and brings real swagger to it.

Communicate to Compel Action

When your prospective customers connect with your authentic truth, they understand where, how and why you add value - and are compelled to work with you. 


HR Tech Copy helps you communicate your truth effectively in writing, so the people you want to work with want to work with you. And keep working with you. And spend more money with you. And recommend you to all their friends.


Before HR Tech Copy, we were HR

Which means we get it. We spent years rubbing shoulders with the people you sell to. We understand what they care about and why they buy. We know what keeps them up at night, and how to be their dream come true. And that’s the foundation for writing that drives action.


Proven wins throughout HR Tech

We’ve scored proven wins for businesses across the HR tech spectrum, like recruitment software providers, job search apps and L&D platforms; like video interviewers and people analytics people; like onboarding bods and performance management masterminds. 

So if you solve problems for recruiters, HR folk and the businesses they serve, HR Tech Copy can help you help them.

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“We’ve had a number of client referrals from the website now and great feedback. We’d hire you again immediately"

Ravi Patel

Founder/Director, GreatFind Recruitment

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“HR Tech Copy masters the art of writing B2B sales emails that get responses.”

Nicolas Wiorhaye

Co-Founder, IKO System

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“We were impressed from day one. Would highly recommend and will continue to work with in the future.”

Simon Clark

Director of Finance, 360GSP

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