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Great content builds your brand. It brings ideal customers to you and keeps them on-site once they’re there. Great content is the gear that keeps the whole clock ticking. 

But great content marketing is hard. It takes time and effort you often struggle to find, and your team’s plate is already overflowing. 

The to-do list grows too fast. Your content creators are spread too thin, and good ideas get left on the table because you don’t have capacity to execute properly. 

And making a splash in the HR tech space is harder than ever. 

If your content isn’t engaging, interesting, unique and true-to-voice, your investment will be wasted. It’s not enough just to create consistent content. You need consistently great content. Content that’s better than your competitors are putting out. 

That’s where HR Tech Copy come in.

We’ve packaged our most popular content marketing offerings into clear, fixed-fee products. So you know exactly what you’re getting, can build our services easily into your budget, and sit back with confidence knowing your content marketing’s taken care of. 

All prices listed are exclusive of VAT and we ask for payment upfront for all new clients. 

If you’ve got a project in the pipeline or you’re curious to discuss where HR Tech Copy can add value, drop us a line and let’s have a chat.

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